MUST WATCH : Another Blockbuster Clip of IMAGINE YOU & ME Movie!

Production of the film began in May 2016 in Como, Italy. According to Como, Italy's website La Provinicia di Como, Richards and Mendoza were accompanied by 35 crew members, along with director Mike Tuviera.

The shoot in Como, Italy started on May 9, 2016 and ended on May 18, 2016 with the support of the municipality government of Como.

There also scenes shot in Verona, Italy where Richards and Mendoza had a scene at the statue of Juliet.

It is one of the only two films (the other one is the film adaptation of Angels & Demons by Dan Brown) permitted to shoot in Verona. Overall, according to Rams David of Triple A (the talent agency of Maine Mendoza), 95% of the film was shot in Italy.

During filming, Tuviera used benches in many scenes to honor Kalyeserye creator Jenny Ferre who is fond of benches.

He also added that Jasmine Curtis-Smith, one of the film's supporting cast, was sick in the duration of the shoot in Italy and since Curtis-Smith role is a sickly person, the director used Curtis-Smith's situation for method acting.

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