Maine Mendoza The Phenomenal Queen because of her generosity.

That is after she made a significant contribution aid to secure necessary equipment and medical supplies in dealing with the recent outbreak.
According to her Facebook post - She’ll try to accommodate as many people as she can and will provide proof of transactions to the donors for transparency purposes if requested.

Maine Mendoza is just one among many Filipino celebrities who helped workers not allowed to go out and work under the enhanced community quarantine.

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So the fact is that not only can ADNs be observed but that most people seem to be more than Maine's other politicians in helping to tackle this health issue today.

However, the appeal of many should not be compared, since politically, artists or ordinary citizens now have the means to help the country, even as simple as staying at home and being compliant to the calls of the government.

Many major brands have also made their contributions to the health emergency include .

MAC, which is one of the brands that Maine endorses, have made initiatives in their stores by immediately pulling out their make up tests.

In Italy, MAC sales are increasing because of the outbreak?

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