Maine Mendoza Sinabotahe but didn't give up: The Truth Revealed!

Many were disappointed at first after the GCash was launched by Maine Mendoza recently.

It is doubtful whether he actually asked for donations to give to affected workers because of our current problems in the country.

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But what happened was that it didn't hinder the help of the phenomenal star. It still comes to those in need in her own little way.

So some say there is a hamper on the girl's account to ruin her name. But it did not succeed in their purpose. Thus Menggay's goal was successful.

It can prove to friends and people they helped even though Maine was not yet an actor. One neighbor even spoke to the kindness of the Mendoza family.

So the Lord God blessed them even more. To this day the family continues to help those in need even when they are silent.

Today she continues to thank those who received help from Maine and her family.

Most people say, you can really expect them in times like these.

Everyone's praying now that all of us have been through this virus to bring us back to normalcy and get back to work.

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