Basahin ito Ginawa Nila Alden Richards At Maine Mendoza While At Home

At this such time, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza can be trusted.

It is not like other celebrities who post or share on social media what they do to help others.

These two are just silly and you'll really be wowed by the way they provide help to those in need.

They tried hard to sabotage but they still prevailed over evil.

So Tisoy and Menggay are getting better because of what they did.

In addition, they receive good karma because of their good will.

So fans say the phenomenal loveteam in the industry is not lost as they used it as a way to do good to others.

Whether you're a fan of ALDUB or not, you can really feel the love of Alden and Maine because they can bring it to you in any way.

As we all know today, even when they are at home, people are still reaching out for their financial support, prayer or material things.

So pray for all those who love ALDUB, hope to bring their compound back as they are the only ones who are able to please Filipinos especially to senior citizens.

Let's hope that the phenomenal star and Asia's Multimedia Star will do the same for either celebrities or ordinary people.

You can help no matter what level you are in right now.

It's time to forgive and heal our broken relationship to God and share it with everyone.

For now, the GMA network is offering their compound on Daddy's Gurl rewind this Saturday.